My nephew Luke can't have chocolate frosting yet...

My nephew Luke can't have chocolate frosting yet...

Hi, I'm Tae Young. Yes, both words are in my first name :)

I produce and market films, events, concerts, smartphone applications, projects, and any content that may be fun, interesting, and make the world a better place.

Some of my past projects include:

    + Guest lecture featuring Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, Inc.
    + Guest lecture featuring Bill Taylor, Co-Founder of Fast Company
    + "March 1st Project" - celebratory event in Central Park NYC for "Independence Movement Day" national holiday of Korea
    + "Gangnam Style" flash mob @ Washington Square Park NYC
    + Crowd-funding through Ucanfunding (Korean equivalent of Kickstarter), raising ≈$28,000 for "March 1st Project"
    + Guest lecture featuring Kyu Lee, entertainment content producer who brokered deal between PSY, YG Entertainment, and Scooter Braun Projects for US and international promotions for Gangnam Style), receiving sponsorships from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the Young Korean American Network.
    + Linktern - online platform connecting high school/college students with companies for internship opportunities

I graduated from The Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut and am currently attending New York University. I am also an intern at the development/external affairs division of The Korea Society and serve on the Advisory Council of the Young Korean American Network.