Tae Young Woo is a content creator, event organizer, and marketer currently helping startups in Korea and the US in digital marketing, utilizing social media platforms and curating content to increase brand loyalty and customer-brand interaction.

He was the Executive Director of the 27th Korean American Students Conference (KASCON 27), bringing together some of the world's most influential Korean and Korean-American leaders from various industries to New York City to meet hundreds of college students from across the United States for a two-day conference. He has also organized various lecture events, community festivals, and music concerts.

Throughout the past five years, his guests have included the President of the World Bank, Republic of Korea's Ambassador to the United Nations, former Chairman of the International Publishers Association, Communications Director of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Bid Committee, a Senior Vice President of Apple Inc., as well as leaders in journalism, fashion, tech, sports management, film, robotics, healthcare, and more. 

He is very active on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat) and sometimes uploads videos on YouTube, on which he suddenly got a lot of subscribers because he reached over 1 million views on a video eating chips with his friends..