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NYC, Writing, and more..

The sun is finally exposing itself over the towering structures of Manhattan, and I am also finally taking out some time out of a class day to update my own website! An update has been long overdue, and I don't know if it was the constant stream of school assignments or the laziness which accompanied the seemingly never-ending cold that took my mind off my own website until now.

I was in Korea from last May (end of freshman year) until this January, and came back to school for the spring semester. This was the first time I spent more than the summer-vacation-length 3 months in Korea ever since I moved to America back in 2001, and the unbelievable roller-coaster that took place for the eight months is indescribable in one post (hopefully I'll get to my past break in a series of posts). With that time so close yet so far away from me, I'm planning to stay here in the US for at least a full year (another thing which I've never done before).

This is my new website, thanks to Squarespace (love the clean design, but probably will get my hands all over the CSS soon)! I've updated my About Me (in both English and Korean), included some photos of the past break in Korea with very special people, and listed media appearances/interviews on the "press" section. One of these days I'm just going to pick out a full 24 hours to restructure the site to just the way I like it (such a neat freak...). Hopefully that day will have some sunlight with a good chocolate drink (no coffee for me) that doesn't have any homework assignment to sit on top of. NYC has some amazing views and I really want to find my own spot, perhaps a family-owned café or a public space somewhere with an outlet. I really do need to fix my "condition: replace soon" battery...

Due to my extended stay in Korea, I feel like I've only been updating my social media (almost said "SNS") accounts using Korean and haven't been using English to communicate online much. I decided to limit my Korean updates as I came back to being "American" and a "New Yorker" this past January, but then I started a personal project that is making me read, think, and write in Korean (project details will be revealed later this year!). Hopefully I will continue to update this blog in English and continue juggling my ABC's in my head and my fingertips. Let the writing begin...

(I should change the design layout to make my website seem less.... white.)