Indiegogo Campaign - Postponed

To all friends, fans, and supporters of our campaign,

First, thank you so much for being part of this journey to fuel the dreams of students who you've never even met before. I've learned so much not just from opening and running this fundraising campaign, but also from interacting with each of you who were so supportive of the campaign and the hope seen within the campaign.

After consulting with various travel agencies, potential corporate sponsors, education specialists, and many friends, I have decided to postpone the fundraising campaign and the trip for the students. Various scheduling issues with the students (they will become juniors--2nd year of high school--in 2015) as well as questions from the students' parents have made me think about what would really work for the students, and decided that January 2015 would not be the best time to have the students over to the United States.

A special thank you to those who supported the campaign by funding the Indiegogo campaign--when the fundraising campaign automatically ends on August 14, I will be receiving the funds from Indiegogo within a few weeks and will contact each of you to give you a refund. The raffles and prizes will be similar (if not better!) for the next fundraising campaign that I will launch hopefully soon, so please stay tuned on this website and on our Facebook page.

Once again, thank you so much. I hope you stay supportive of the campaign, and will reach out to you all very soon with better news.


Tae Young Woo


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